Black City [Ciudad Negra]

Artista(s): Víctor Hugo Bravo

Fecha de Inauguración: 06/04/2018

Hora de Inauguración: 19:00

Fecha de inicio: 07/04/2018

Fecha de término: 12/08/2018


A destroyed contemporary city, pervaded by abuse of power and premeditated violence, is the proposal of the exhibition by Chilean artist Víctor Hugo Bravo, who uses installation and painting as his main artistic media.

Violent and bellicose objects, built with all sorts of industrial waste, resemble brass knuckles, stilettos and clubs. Shelves packed with objects created in order to cause harm refer to a hidden arsenal or an archive of judicial evidence, while a voluptuous oil painting by Peter Paul Rubens in military camouflage style alludes to a despairing black city, excepting the politics of whitewashing: actions of social sanitization as new mechanisms for the aestheticization of shadows, nooks and crannies of the system.

Víctor Hugo Bravo (1966) is a visual artist, independent curator and lecturer. He received a degree in Visual Communication in Plastic Arts with a major in Painting at the Contemporary Art Institute in 1992. Director of Caja Negra Artes Visuales since 1999. He has participated in more than 100 collective and individual exhibitions in different museums and galleries in Chile and abroad, among which we find the Mercosur Biennial (Brazil), LAZNIA Center for Contemporary Arts (Poland) and the Cairo Biennial (Egypt).



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